Application For New Member


IKM is a professional body first established way back in 1967. The Chemists Act was passed in 1975 and it requires all practicing chemists to be registered with IKM and this has given us due recognition as a professional. The Membership        of the Institute is open to all persons over 21 years old with a recognized pass or honour degree in chemistry or equivalent academic qualification in chemistry or a specialized discipline associated with chemistry and the requisite practical experience. Membership of the Institute shall be one of three grades namely:

Fellowship (FMIC)
Membership (MMIC)
Licentiateship (LMIC)
All application for new membership and upgrading of membership will be processed by the Membership Admission Committee for the suitability of the applicant and the endorsement.
The following sections must be completed by all applicants:
1. Personal Details
2. Higher Education
3. Experience - Experience clearly tabulated after the date of graduation and breakdown of experience recorded in months and years (Please give the exact date and month for each working experience e.g.
4. Professional Qualifications (if any)
5. References (Please state full address)
6. Section 28 must IKM members/ Employer to sign the form
NOTE: Failure to comply with above will delay the application. 
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