Pengurusan Keselamatan Makmal untuk Pembantu Makmal

2 days Course [wthout hands-on] Code: PKM

Date Code
24 - 25 May 2011, Tues - Wed  
Reg Fee: Member RM650.00
Reg Fee: Non Member RM850.00

Workshop / Course Contents
  • Peraturan-peraturan Berkaitan Penggunaan Bahan Kimia Berbahaya di tempat kerja. (USECHH 2000 and CPL 1997)
  • Pengurusan hazad Kimia
  • Kebakaran dan letupan
  • Kesan kesihatan dan toksikology bahan kimia
  • Rancangan tindakan kecemasan dan kawalan tumpahan bahan kimia
  • Kelengkapan Pelindung Diri (PPE)
  • Risalah Data Keselamatan Kimia
  • Soalan Quiz
  • Latihan : Latihan CSDS dan Pelabelan / Kenalpasti hazad di tempat kerja (Exercise on how to extract information from CSDS ; and labeling exercise)/ Hazard identification in the workplace)

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Trainer's Biodata


B. Sc (Hons), A.M.I.C

1. Ministry of Information 1971 - Head of Optical Unit

Training :
(i) London – Processing of colour motion pictures
(ii) Australia – Training of Optical & Special Effects

a. Attached to Training Unit:
(i) Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM-EDX) -determination of elemental analysis in Forensic samples and Government tender.
(ii) Conduct training and examination for Laboratory assistant and Assistant Scientific Officer.
(iii) Technical Committee in purchasing of chemicals & equipments
Analytical experience:
(i) Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy –determination of trace metals in air, water and effluent samples.
(ii) Inductive Coupled Plasma – Determination of trace metals in air, water and effluent samples.
(iii) Ion Chromatography – Determination of anions in Wet Deposition (Acid rain).
c. Provide evidence as expert witness in Court
d. Training :
(i) USA- Atomic absorption spectroscopy
(ii) Japan – Wet and dry deposition, and control technology.

4. Present Post
a. Attached to Industrial Hygiene Division (NIOSH) as Assistant Manager.
(i) To conduct chemical analysis for air borne samples from workplace environment.
(ii) To perform environmental monitoring
(iii) To do consultancy service (CHRA)
(iv) To deliver lectures

b. Training :
(i) Biological Monitoring in Japan
· Areas of Expertise :
ü Consultancy Services (CHRA)
ü To conduct chemical analysis
ü To perform environmental monitoring
To deliver lectures pertaining CHRA & Industrial Hygiene activities


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